The best four trucks tested for cornering

We couldnt say no to owning a truck when the budget is sufficient. The masculinity, the performance, the endurance, the sound and the needs especially if you are residing in south east asia which the roads often bumpy and poorly built.

In recent videos made by Teknikens Värld The four famous trucks put to a test meant for measuring how capable the truck is tackling corner. Mitsubishi Triton VGT, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, and last but not least, Toyota Hillux. The test was held in a controlled environment, with several cones placed on the road simulating the actual road condition in rural area which the trucks best suited for. Although the test result might not be as accurate, it was worth knowing how your truck is handling the challenge. But of course it was worth seeing as well 🙂

The result was quite surprising I may say. Toyota Hillux, which famous for its endurance and experience being the oldest truck compare to the other three, wasnt able to handle it well. On the third manuver, the left front foot held up high leaving the car almost flipped should the driver hasnt kicked a break paddle immediately.


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