Haval H1 is the new and enchanced M4

Haval, a very young automotive player in Malaysia has been re-launching its crossover, but this time with a new name and surprisingly some exterior improvement.

Since its first launch last year Haval M4 has become one of the target for the youth generation due to its affordability and of course being a compact SUV tops them all. At the other hand, most of the people are still doubting the vehicle as its still quite young (or unheard to most of malaysian, i guess) and ‘untested’ (in terms of longevity and durability). The H1, in the other hand, has actually been introduced in other countries and we heard a good feedback overall, with a price, segment, and features being the main consideration.

Haval M4 is now H1 - src: Haval

The doubts that Malaysian having are going to be the hardest obstacles to reach malaysian market, hence the re-launch. One of GWM strategy to rebrand its potential sales booster might be the best move to ‘redirect’ the negative impression over the widely known model ‘H1’. This way, potential buyer could refer to what has been delivered over the continents.


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  1. anon says:

    Dont get me wrong, the haval now is so good. https://youtu.be/mCH5yOw9Gwo go test drive now!


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